Windows Developer Power Tools

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 ASP.NET


Replacing Client-Side AJAX with Anthem.NET

Building Sophisticated AJAX Applications with ASP.NET’s Atlas

Lightweight AJAX with AJAX.NET Professional

Generating User-Friendly URLs with URLRewritingNet.UrlRewrite

Showing a “Please Wait” Dialog with BusyBoxDotNet

Creating CSS-Friendly Controls in ASP.NET

Adding Word-Processing Capabilities to Your Application with FreeTextBox

Creating Charts with the WebChart Control

Consuming and Publishing RSS Feeds with the RSS Toolkit

Chapter 2 Windows Forms


Getting that “WinXP Look” with XP Common Controls

Spice up your Windows Forms Apps with Ghengis

Create Dockable Windows with DockPanel

Creating a Professional User Interface with the Krypton Toolkit

Learn More about Windows Common Controls with Control Spy

Chapter 3 WinFx / .NET 3.0

Chapter still in the works

Chapter 4 Code Libraries and Library Tools


Generating Excel Files from Code Using ExcelXmlWriter (Without Having Excel!)

Finding Changes Between Assembly Versions with LibCheck

Quickly Implement Spell Checking In Your Windows and Web Apps

Quickly Create Graphs and Plot Charts

Sorting Algorithms In C# with NSort

Comparing Assemblies with Reflector.Diff

Creating RSS Feeds with RSS.NET

Using Zip, GZip, Tar, and BZip2 Archives in Your Software with SharpZipLib

Create PDFs with iTextSharp

Chapter 4 Code Generation


Writing Your Web Services Contract First With WSCF

Generating Your Data Access Layer With Codus

Creating Code Automatically with MyGeneration

Generating XML Schemas and Strongly Typed DataSets With XSD

Chapter 6 IDEs and Code-Writing Tools


Using a Lightweight Editor to Handle Small Tasks

Creating Stand-Alone Snippets

Building Regular Expressions with RegexDesigner.NET

Developing .NET Applications Using SharpDevelop

Writing Mono Applications on Linux with MonoDevelop

Writing Mono Applications on Linux with MonoDevelop

Building .NET Applications with Visual Studio Express

Chapter 7 Documentation


View Documentation Right in Visual Studio with CR_Documentor

Document Your Source Code with GhostDoc

Create Professional Documentation with NDoc

Print PDF Documents with PDFCreator

Build a FAQ with skmFAQs

Chapter 8 Visual Studio Enhancements


Boosting Productivity with CoolCommands

Improve the Class Designer with the Class Designer PowerToy

Opening Files Quickly with VSFileFinder

Mastering Unmanaged APIs with PINVOKE.NET

Spell Check ASP.NET and HTML with the HTML/ASP.NET Page Spell Checker Add-in

Switch Window Layouts Quickly with VSWindowManager

Blog or E-Mail Your Code in Style with the CopySourceAsHtml Visual Studio Add-in

Edit CSS in Visual Studio with the CSS Properties Window

Bring the Web Application Project Back to Visual Studio 2005

Share your Visual Studio Goodies with the VS Content Installer Power Toys

Chapter 9 Code Metrics / Analyzers

Checking Your Source Code’s Complexity with Source Monitor

Analyze Code Inside Visual Studio with CR Metrics

Finding Your Code’s Dependency Complexities with NDepend

List Details and Metrics for Your Assemblies with Vil

Checking Complexity and Dependencies With Peli’s Reflector Add-Ins

Write Better Code with FxCop

Find Bottlenecks with NProf

Chapter 10 Testing


Unit-Testing Your Code with NUnit

Speeding Your Test Development with NUnit Code Snippets

Write Advanced Unit Tests with MbUnit

Getting More From Your Tests With Zanebug

Bringing Your Customers into the Testing Process with Fitnesse.NET

Analyzing Unit-Test Coverage with NCover

Analyze Your Code Coverage with NCoverExplorer

Integrate Unit Testing into Visual Studio with TestDriven.NET

Integrating Mock Objects into Your Testing

Creating Strongly Typed Mocks with Rhino.Mocks

Unit Testing Your GUI With NUnitForms

Creating Performance Benchmark Tests

Automating Web Application Testing with Selenium

Drive Your Web Applications Automatically with Watir

Chapter 11 Source Control


Accessing Subversion and CVS with TortoiseSVN/CVS

Using Subversion Inside Visual Studio

Setting Up Subversion with One Click

Removing SourceSafe Bindings from your Source Tree

Comparing Files with WinMerge

Chapter 12 Build, Continuous Integration, and Deployment


Creating Consistent Builds with NAnt

Automating your Build Process with MSBuild

Build .NET 1.1 Assemblies with MSBuild

Extending MSBuild Capabilities with MSBuild Community Tasks

Managing Your Build Process Visually with MSBuild Sidekick

Easing the Burden of Implementing a Continuous Integration Process with CI Factory

Shorten the Development Cycle with CruiseControl.NET

Making Web Application Deployments Easy with Unleash It

Ease Web Application Deployments with Web Deployment Projects

Creating a Setup Project with WiX

Chapter 13 Team Collaboration


Improving Team Communication and Collaboration with Basecamp

Building Online Communities with Community Server

Creating a Blog with Subtext

Collaborate Online with FlexWiki

Driving Another PC Remotely via XP’s Remote Assistance

Use Your Network to Talk with Skype

Chat with Anyone using GAIM

Administering Team Foundation Users with Administration Tool for TFS

Chapter 14 Lifecycle


Web-based Bug Tracking for Mere Mortals with CodeTrack

Standing up a Defect Tracker Quickly with BugTracker.NET

Running a Comprehensive Bug-Tracking System with Bugzilla

Managing a Project with Trac

Chapter 15 Troubleshooting and Debugging


Monitoring File Access in Your System with FileMon

Identifying TCP Port and Endpoint Issues with TCPView

Seeing What’s Being Accessed in Your Registry with RegMon

Getting a Better View of Processes on Your System with ProcessExplorer

Digging Into Your Program’s CLR Execution with CLRSPY

Tracking Down Memory-Allocation Problems with CLRProfiler

Debugging Your Application After It’s Been Deployed with ClrDump

Debugging Hangs and Monitoring Processes with Managed Stack Explorer

Examining HTTP Traffic with Fiddler

Identifying Network Problems with Ping Plotter

Examining Logs with LogParser

Simplifying Debugging with Visualizers

Chapter 16 Decompilers and Obfuscators


Examining Common Ground with ILDASM

Debugging .NET Assemblies without Source Code Using Dotnet IL Editor

Analyzing Assemblies with Reflector

Preventing Reverse Engineering Of Your Code With Dotfuscator

Chapter 17 Security


Analyze Threats your Application Faces with the Threat Analysis & Modeling Tool


Protect your Communications with Bouncy Castle Cryptography APIs

Mitigating Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities

Highlight Explorer Windows with Different Security Privileges using PrivBar

Open a Command Window with Admin Privileges using MakeMeAdmin.cmd

Chapter 18 Frameworks


Creating Web Applications and Systems with DotNetNuke

Externalize Business Rules with NxBRE

Improve Your Code’s Design and Testability with PicoContainer

Implement Enhanced Queues and Logging with NSpring

Build and Deploy Cross-Platform .NET Applications with Mono

Spelunking the Framework with Rotor

Simplifying Web Development with Castle MonoRail

Obtaining a Decoupled Architecture with Castle Windsor

Search Your Data Using Lucene.Net

Chapter 19 Working with XML


Transform XML Documents with nxslt2

Display XML on the Web with eXml

Composite XML Documents with XInclude.NET

Referencing part of an XML document with XPointer.NET

Compare and Unit Test XML with XML Diff and Patch

Extend XSLT Processing with EXSLT.NET

Contract First XML Development with XSDObjectGenerator

Chapter 20 Database Utilities

Chapter still being completed

Chapter 21 Object/Relational Mapping


Map Objects to the Database with NHibernate (or How to Stop Writing all that Data-Access Code)

Mapping Business Objects with NPersist

Easing the Burden of Creating O/RM Files with ObjectMapper

Simplifying Data Access with Castle ActiveRecord

Chapter 22 Web Utilities


Eliminating Memory Leaks in Internet Explorer with Drip

Debugging Webpages at Runtime

Debugging Web Pages in Internet Explorer with Web Developer Toolbar for Internet Explorer

Avoiding Web Headaches with the Web Developer Extension for Firefox

Diagnosing Javascript and Ajax with Web Development Helper

Checking Web Pages with Validation Services

Chapter 23 Windows Utilities


Launch Tools and Websites Quickly With SlickRun

Spotlight Content in Your Presentations with ZoomIt

Getting to the Right Detail with Magnifixer

Extract From Windows Installer Files with Less MSIerables

Handling FTP Quickly with FileZilla

Opening a Command Prompt Where You Need It

Grab Screenshots with Cropper

Grabbing Color Values with ColorMania

PowerShell – a New Generation Command Line and Scripting Tool

Get the Most out of PowerShell with the PowerShell IDE

Managing and Switching Tasks with Task SwitchXP

Keep Data in Sync with SyncToy

Resolve Locked File Problems with Unlocker

Master Regular Expressions with the Regulator

Create Regular Expressions with Regulazy

Bringing POSIX Emulation to Windows with Cygwin