Jim Holmes regularly speaks to various groups and conferences. Below are abstracts, slide decks, and sample code for some of his presentations.

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  • Introduction to Security: Software security is convoluted, arcane, time-consuming, confusing, and absolutely critical if you’re to maintain your competitive edge. Learn how to fend off the Mongol hordes by gaining an understanding of the basic fundamentals of software security, including public/private key encryption, threat modeling, and the importance of security education. Learn what buffer overflows are and find out why leaving your system open to SQL injection can really ruin your sleep with a phone call from your boss at 2am. More importantly, learn how to avoid these all-too-common errors. Discover some of the specific security goodness in .NET 1.1 and 2.0 such as SecureString, the Data Protection API, and FxCop. Finish off by learning some solid resources for continuing your security education. This session will give you the foundation for understanding how to develop secure software in .NET. Slide deck and code.
  • A webcast recording of Jim's Intro to Security presentation is also available via a WMV file (54MB download) or Flash online.
  • Open Source Test Tools: Solid testing is vital to any development effort if you want stable software that does what the customer expects the software to do. Visual Studio Team Systems’ testing functionality is powerful, but it’s not the end-all for every testing task. Open source tools can help you get more out of your testing by enabling you to offload acceptance tests to your customers, simulate services you don’t have access to, debug tests in Visual Studio’s IDE, and automate ASP.NET web form testing. A wealth of other tools allows you to speed up your test execution and get more information from your tests. Learn how tools such as Watir, TestDriven.NET, NMock, and Fitnesse.NET can boost your testing accuracy and productivity. Slide deck and code.